How to Stand Strong in Times of Trial

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Times of Trial Will Come. How You Handle Tests and Trials Determine Whether or Not You Thrive.

If you can't remember the last time you put on your running shoes and I ask you to run in a marathon, you'd probably say "no way!".

But instead, if I ask you to put on your walking shoes and walk to the end of your block, you'd probably climb out of your comfortable chair and take the walk.

Now let's say each day you walk a little further and a little faster. By the end of the second week, you probably are lacing up your running shoes and running at a slow pace.

Each week you'd add just a little more distance to your run, and each week you'd go just a little faster.

Maybe it might take you a year, but those small steps will eventually…

turn into great strides. And before you know it, you're prepared to take on the challenge of running a marathon.

How Well Have You Prepared Yourself for Times of Trials?

We all want to thrive during times of trial.

We all crave to blindly trust God in the midst of struggles.

We all wish “only if I knew this was coming, I’d have been prepared.

Can you relate?

How well you handle those times depend on how well you've prepared yourself.

When life becomes difficult you don't pick up your Bible and try to run a "scripture marathon" on the first day. Instead, you’re consumed with the sorrows and worries thinking “why is this happening to me”? Or “where is God when I’m facing this terrible situation”?

Is God really NOT in your situation? In the midst of trials, this is a question you should ask yourself.

Here’s the thing…

When difficulties beyond our control hit us hard, we may not to see the Bible verses about trials and hard times working for us.

But God is in every situation and in the midst of our trial.

If we prepare for life’s trial every day, one Bible verse at a time, everything will fall in place. We won’t lose our hope and our mind even when the worst is happening. Why? Because we learn to trust God through the process of daily coming in His presence.

Ready to Prepare Yourself and Your Loved Ones to Thrive During Times of Trial?

Here's what the scripture says…

“Your words were found, and I ate them; and Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart: for I am called by your name, O Lord God of hosts.” Jeremiah 15:16

Are you or someone you know tired, lonely, afraid—but you don’t have a Bible sitting around nearby? Sometimes when we’re discouraged, it’s hard to do anything — even to pick up God’s Word — except dwell in our own sorrows and worries.

So imagine the joy you can bring to someone by spontaneously speaking God’s promises, for his or her exact need, from your heart!

Will you prepare yourself and your loved ones to stand strong in times of trial?

MemLok is your partner to help you do just that. Five minutes a day will put you on the right path for overcoming trials.

The pics are memorable/craziness to say the least! Ha ha... though this has indeed helped me to remember the intros to the verses better! In the last 4 months, I've loaded & memorized 38 verses - which was about 38 more than I've done in the few years previous to that! I've been very pleased. Drake is responsive, including when I've tugged on his ear with questions! Thanks, Drake! It's a pleasure to communicate with you, and I'd love to hear from Gina too. Joan Massey

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