How to Share the Word of God Like a Leader

How to Share the Word of God Like a Leader?
Group Bible Study and Leader

Are You a Leader or a Leaner When It Comes to Sharing the Word of God With Others?

At some point all leaders were leaners.

It's how they learned to become a leader - by leaning on the experience of others.

Witnessing is an opportunity to share God's word, but it can catch us off guard without a Bible or a sharing resource in hand.

There are moments in life when we need to quote a reference but we don’t have the Bible in hand. At times like this, we shrink back into being a leaner instead of stepping up as a leader to share God’s word.

I have done that.

Maybe you did that as well.

But did you ever think whenever you don’t speak up, you lose the chance of sharing Jesus with others. You say no to touch someone’s life just because you thought…

“I might misquote a reference or a verse. It’s better to stay quiet and let someone else take the lead.”

Can you relate?

So the question is…

How to Break Away From Leaning and Start Leading

It’s true we can’t carry the Bible everywhere with us. But there’s one thing we keep with us all the time.

Our mobile, of course.

Having a mobile with you all the time is really a great thing.

Why? Because if you have your mobile with you no matter where you are, you can definitely choose to lead with God’s word more often.

That’s where MemLok comes in as your partner so you break away from leaning and start leading when it comes to sharing God's word.

First, our mobile app gives you all the resources to not only memorize Bible verses but to have it as a quick reference in your pocket if you need to share.

Second, the mobile app will let you add up to 5 friends and family members. So if someone who has shown an interest in learning about the Bible, you can simply let them download the app and add them to your account.

Make MemLok Mobile App Your Choice to Lead People Towards God

With our mobile app, you not only lead your own life in the direction God wants, but you also lead your family, friends or even complete strangers towards the path of truth and life.

Don’t miss a single opportunity to touch hearts with God’s words.

This App is great! Makes so much sense to me, that I'm a little concerned for the person who came up with it! (JkLol) Prompt, good-natured tech support too! I like that the app is straightforward and focused on one task (remembering) and doesn't try to keep up with the app next door. The simplicity makes it great for any age and is gracious to us not-so-tech-savvy types. 👍👍👍👍👍 Amethyst Garnet

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Sabita Saleem,
Contributing Author