How to Be Free From Your Past

Lot's Wife - Rock formation in the Sinai Desert -

Your Past Can Bind You, But God Invites You to Not Look Back. Otherwise, How Will You Experience What God Has In Store For You.

Raise your hand if you sometimes think, “I wish that never happened.” Or “...if only I had waited…” Or “...what if I had that thing years back…”

Your hands are in the air. Right?

Yeah, I thought so. It happens to all of us at times.

Looking at your past to learn some lessons is not a bad thing. But when you’re thinking about your past, envisioning how life would be like with all those “what ifs”, chances are you’re locked up in the past and don't even realize it.

Staying In Your Past Robs You of God’s Blessings

One time when God was angry at man's wickedness, He decided to rain fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Except for Lot and his family, God spared no one.

But here's the catch.

As God's angels literally took those chosen ones by hand to be saved from destruction, there was a clear instruction.

Don't Look Back.

But what happened?

Lot’s wife disobeyed. She looked back and immediately turned into a pillar of salt.

Why did she look back?

Maybe her heart was heavy from leaving behind her home and everything in it.

Like us, perhaps she was also leaving behind memories as well. Remembering all the pictures in her heart and mind. And she couldn't believe that she had to move on and leave everything.

Just imagine if Lot and his family had stayed (in their past) and didn't obey God. They would be sure to fall prey to the deadly rain which destroyed the city.

Possibly, Lot’s wife didn’t realize what could have happened with her if she had stayed back. Out of her love and keen focus on what’s left behind she FORGOT to obey God's word and looked back - only to find herself turned into a statue of salt - with an eternal view of her past.

Don't Look Back. Gain Freedom from Your Past Today

God invites us to leave what's behind us. He is a living God who wants us to live and walk with Him in the here and now.

When our hearts and minds give more attention to our past than to God, we totally ignore the opportunities, blessings and love the Almighty is bringing our way.

Lot’s wife made a mistake, but while we should not look to the past, we can learn from it.

Several verses in the Bible teach us to let go and let God.

How many such verses do you know and ponder on?

How many verses do you want to know on getting freedom from your past?

My guess?



The MemLok Meditation System can help you achieve your goal because we understand living in the presence of the Living God is far better than staying in your past.

So, ready to leave your past behind once and for all? 

All kidding aside memory loss is a real problem for some and Drake nailed it. I advise my retired clients keep learning and growing. I am not sure what the facts are but people who read at least 20mins per day or use a learning program like MemLok will keep an overall healthy mindset. Wayne

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Sabita Saleem,
Contributing Author