What Does Feeding of the 5,000 Miracle Teach Us?

What Does the Feeding of the 5,000 Miracle Teach Us?

Cutting a loaf of bread

Jesus Fed 5,000 With Five Loaves and Two Fish. How Many Are You Willing to Feed?

Matthew 14:13-21 tells the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 hungry people with just five loaves of bread and two fish.

But what if the situation is flipped around?

What would you do if you had extra food you couldn't eat? Would you eat quietly without thinking to share with the hungry people around you?

Ever noticed when God wants to do a miracle in someone’s life, He uses people like you and me.

Just in case you never noticed how God intervenes in our lives through people you will definitely agree with me that…

whenever we keep an attitude of giving, things began happening in our favor.

What you sow, you reap, right?

So when you give, blessings come to you.

That’s what the little boy with five loaves and two fish did. He never knew that his small contribution could feed 5000 people.

Wondering What Can You Contribute to Feed At Least 5 If Not 5,000?

One thing I hear a lot from people when we talk about our MemLok Family Edition 5, our mobile app for 5 family members, is...

"I don't have 5 people in my family!"

I understand that.

But have you ever thought it’s an opportunity to share the Word of God with others.

In other words, I want you to know MemLok should also be shared!

Share Your Extra MemLok Food With Family or Friends

If you have our MemLok Bible Memory Family Edition 5 and you have a small family... say only 2-3 people in your family, you have extra food to share!

You guessed that right.

You can give away your unused user spots to a friend, that brother-in-law who really needs to read the Bible more, or your grandchildren..

Anyone who might benefit from meditating on God's word, share your unused user spots with them.

Just imagine if each one of us begins sharing the unused user spots, together we can definitely help 5000. Maybe more than that.

Are you willing to make it happen?

Partner with us to silently witness for Jesus by sharing your extra MemLok food with people in your life.

This app is outstanding! I don't have a single game on my phone because I don't like to waste time, but this feels like a fun game and I am memorizing scripture at the same time WIN/WIN. I love it, thank you so much for creating this valuable tool/game/app. Gina Millis

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Sabita Saleem,
Contributing Author