Are You Practicing Joshua's Secret Daily Ritual for Success?

Do You Have a Poverty Mindset and How to Overcome It

Having a Poverty Mentality At its Core is an Identity Issue as Opposed to a Mindset Problem

Use this Simple yet Profound Secret to Be Prosperous and Successful In Everything You Do

Did you ever catch yourself or your loved ones saying this?

“No matter how hard I try, I don’t have enough money.”

“I can’t afford to buy that thing. I can barely make ends meet.”

“You don’t know what I’m going through. I have no money”

Yes, it’s the poverty mindset.

It’s a place none of us want to be in. But many of us are right there.

A quick google research will give you a ton of resources to overcome the poverty mindset but hardly any of those take us to the root cause so we can overcome it.

The reality is this: You can switch from a “I don’t have enough” to a “more than enough” mindset. But you can’t do that until…

you detach yourself from quick fixes and momentary motivation.

So, the question is, how do we as Christians, stop considering that poverty is our inheritance?

These concepts don’t characterize meditating on the scriptures at all.
Use this Simple yet Profound Secret to Be Prosperous and Successful In Everything You Do
What Exactly Is Meditating On Scripture?

Realize Who You Are and What Is Your Inheritance

Ready to Start Practicing Joshua's Secret Daily Ritual for Success?

You will always find people around you who think that poverty comes from God.

Remember, the rich man can’t go to heaven thing?

The sad part is that many of us have memorized what Jesus said in a wrong context. His conversation focused around the fact that if someone has money and they love it and depend on it more than God, then it’s hard for them to enter God’s Kingdom.

Never at a single point did Jesus say that those who follow Him are meant to be poor and financially broke.

The truth is, we are children of the most High God with whom there’s no lack. He is the ultimate provider. Everything is His. And as His children we lack nothing because in God’s glory we get everything.

Jesus promised us a life that is abundant.

That’s our reality. And it’s time we embrace it.

Ready For Shifting Your Identity and Breaking the Back of Poverty?

Believing God for provision when you don’t see it happening right in front of your eyes needs faith.

But remember, knowing who you are is enough to break the cycle of poverty. When you do that God will begin leading you on a path of abundance. Because real abundance is spiritual. You have God! 

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Ready to Start Practicing Joshua's Secret Daily Ritual for Success?
In simple words, meditating on scripture is about speaking to God and hearing Him through His word.
What Exactly Is Meditating On Scripture?