How to Use the Power of God’s Word to Change Lives

Glowing Bible with light coming from the pages.

You May Not Think You Can Change People's Lives, But You Certainly Can By Using the Power of the Word of God.

Did you know you can lead and inspire people?

Think about all the children in your life who look up to you as an example. They see you as the type of person they want to become when they grow up.

This power of influence and inspiration is even more important as a Christian. For people in your life who are lost or struggling, they look to you for inspiration. They may not be walking up to you and asking the questions directly, but they are looking for God's answers in you and through you.

What do you do in such a situation when someone is seeking answers about God and His power?

You have a few choices…

You can pretend you're blind and ignore these people. You can say, "That's not my job! I'm not a pastor."

Or you can own it.

Take Control and Lead People to God Using the Word of God

God has blessed you with the power of his Word to inspire people and change lives.

You definitely see almost everyone's walking around while looking down at a mobile device. How about inspiring them with an app which helps them learn Bible scriptures?

It’s totally possible because there are people, just like you, who took the lead to make a difference.

Let me share what one person did and his decision changed everything for him, the people in his group, and for us here at MemLok.

Here's what he said…

This past summer we used your MemLok memory system with our staff. The program allowed us to customize the verses we memorized and allowed us to easily print out the verses we wanted to work on each week. We estimate that more than a thousand verses were committed to memory through the program. MemLok allowed for multiple users and was able to keep track of the 60+ participants. Everyone got a "kick" out of the visual clues that you used to prompt responses. Thank you for making the MemLok system available to us. It works!”

- Larry Guthrie, ATI, Director of Educational Ministries, Camp Forest Springs.

We were so inspired by Larry's story that we said,

What if we could make Bible Memory by MemLok so affordable an entire bible study group wouldn't hesitate for one moment to use it?

And then, just like Larry's group did, what if we all commit to learning 1,000 Bible verses?

Are You Ready to Change Lives Using the Power of God’s Word?

Larry saw an opportunity and inspired his group. He trusted MemLok’s system to preach the Word of God.

We were inspired by Larry and created the Bible Memory by MemLok Shared Five Forever Edition. It allows you to add 5 additional people to your account and use MemLok individually or as a group. It's now available in five Bible versions.

It's perfect for small Bible study groups. 

How will you inspire the people in your life today?

If you are seeking an answer to this question, we are here to help. Our MemLok Bible memory system is an ideal solution for you and the group of people you lead.

Make a decision to make a difference in lives not just for this world but for eternity. Share the gift of God’s word with those you care.

This app is truly unique and useful. It is an effective and easy way to memorize scripture if used consistently for a couple of minutes every day. I just wanted to express to you how much I enjoy MemLok! Your app, which seems simple on the surface, has changed my daily worship. And as I learn more and more scripture I can frequently bring to mind important passages when needed. Your creativity and outreach has definitely changed lives. Just thought you should hear it again as I’m sure I’m not the first satisfied customer. Ed Keist

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