The Sneaky Pathway Satan Uses to Make Us Fearful

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Fear May Cripple Us But With Jesus, We Can Overcome Fear and Live Our Purpose

Use this Simple yet Profound Secret to Be Prosperous and Successful In Everything You Do

Ever thought how fear grabs hold of us?

All we know is we got hit by fear. And the interesting part is we don’t even realize how it started in the first place in a given situation.

Fear has an entry point. It looks for an open door to enter our lives.

If we don’t try to find out what that door is, we will never be able to stop living in fear. Worse than that, we won’t be able to live in faith.

The entry point the enemy uses to inject fear in us is our mind.

Yes, fear lives in our mind.

These concepts don’t characterize meditating on the scriptures at all.
Use this Simple yet Profound Secret to Be Prosperous and Successful In Everything You Do
What Exactly Is Meditating On Scripture?

Our Thoughts Are the Entry Points Satan Uses to Destroy Our God-given Purpose

Ready to Start Practicing Joshua's Secret Daily Ritual for Success?

Fear enters our lives as a thought. We start meditating on that thought and ultimately it grips our heart and begins ruling our emotions.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23: 7

From thoughts to our hearts and then our entire being — this is the sneaky pathway the enemy uses to make our lives miserable.

Satan speaks to us in our mind to scare us from doing what God has designed for our lives.

For example, he’ll say to you that people will reject you, so it’s better to not develop and maintain relationships. It’s better to stay away from people. The result? Fear of rejection grips your heart.

See, that’s how the enemy can make you think you better stay in isolation (away from people, even your own family).

Jesus Wants to Bring You From Fear Into Faith

The scripture says that perfect love casts out fear. When we put our trust in the Lord and experience the love of God in our lives, the fear goes away.

When we hear the Word of God in our mind and don't pay attention to the negative chatter and lies the enemy throws our way, we can move from fear to faith.

Are You Ready to Turn Fear Into Faith?

Embracing God's love and trusting Him is the way to ditch fear. The Bible is filled with lots of scriptures to overcome fear.

But remember, it's a battle in our minds. And to help you overcome fear, MemLok offers you support to memorize and retain scriptures like you never did before.

So without delay...

I have never been able to memorize Bible verses until now. While I have an excellent memory, I just couldn’t seem to memorize Bible verses. Whatever the reason, using MemLok, l am finally memorizing Bible verses. The app is easy to use and to set up. The accountability of daily memorization helps a great deal. I do the MemLok exercise immediately following my devotional each morning. I also find myself running through my Bible verses while walking, in bed waiting to go to sleep and in other places while waiting. Through using MemLok, Bible verse memorization has become a habit for the first time in my 75 years. logger01

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It’s our deepest desire that you learn to focus on God’s word so you can achieve success in your life.
Ready to Start Practicing Joshua's Secret Daily Ritual for Success?
In simple words, meditating on scripture is about speaking to God and hearing Him through His word.
What Exactly Is Meditating On Scripture?