The Lies We Believe

By Drake Mariani | Founder, MemLok Bible Memory System

Your Mind. Fill It With Truth. Defeat Satan.

Scripture memorization and meditation are too familiar, aren't they. We connect them with Sunday school or Bible study group...feel quite a bit of guilt...

I've seen the amazing difference it Bible memory can make in the lives of believers battling religious lies. ...God and Satan are locked in this tremendous struggle for control of your mind. God's weapon is the truth...Satan's is lies. Each day is a battle. Will you play those lie tapes? Or will you listen to the truth?

How do I go about doing all this memorizing and meditating? ....make both a part of your regular routine...spending time running it through the deepest levels of your mind and considering how to use it in your daily life..even one verse a week. Taken from Dr. Chris Thurman's book THE LIES WE BELIEVE #1 Cause of Our Unhappiness.

I have been using this app approaching 2 years and it is a great tool to aid in scripture memory. No more paper cards to keep organized, games to help when learning a new verse or when you get stuck on a past verse, and a neat reminder alarm so there are no excuses for missing a day. And I haven't even mentioned the value of hiding God's Word in my heart! Brian Hess

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