Make the Process of Memorizing Bible Verses Fun

Make the Process of Memorizing Bible Verses Fun

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Bible Memory Doesn't Have To Be Painful

You Can Do Something for a Long Time, Never See Any Progress and Then One Day... BAM!... You’re Astonished by How Far You’ve Come.

When I tell people I developed a Bible memory system and for the last 30 years I’ve been sharing it with millions of people in over 140 countries, they are absolutely STUNNED.

And every now and then I come across people who have rolled their eyes at even the IDEA of Bible memory because they’ve tried it before and felt it was like walking across a muddy field up to their knees. It just wasn’t fun.

I've heard some really smart Christians tell me - even some highly educated people - tell me “I can’t memorize scripture. It’s just too difficult.

Memorize Bible Verses and Be Surprised At Your Progress?

Here's what we learned...

Bible memory is not WHAT you do with MemLok...

…it's the RESULT of what you do!

Think about it... MemLok uses advanced technology to help you study and memorize God's word.

We make memorizing verses fun and exciting because that’s how the MemLok mobile app is designed.

Start a challenge with your family members or enter a competition with your friends to see who can memorize and retain more verses.

What are you thinking?

You’ll be surprised on your progress….even astonished!

This app is outstanding! I don't have a single game on my phone because I don't like to waste time, but this feels like a fun game and I am memorizing scripture at the same time WIN/WIN. I love it, thank you so much for creating this valuable tool/game/app. Gina Millis

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Memorize Bible Verses and Be Surprised At Your Progress?
Someone who never memorized Bible verses could easily recall the Bible verses he was testing.
The Unintended Consequence of Testing? Or God’s Intention?
When our software developers were working on our MemLok mobile app, they needed to do what was called “validation”. Not to get too technical on you, but it simply means we have to test the software in a way someone might use the app. The idea is to find bugs and improve the user experience.