Hope in God

A small plant in a dry piece of land showing hope in God pays off.

When You Hope in God, No Matter Your Situation, Life’s Storms Can Turn Into a Breeze

Life can take a sudden shift.

You may lose your dream job.

A dear one may die. Or you might experience the strain of an unhealthy relationship.

In such situations, giving up altogether seems most reasonable.

But in the midst of life’s troubles and disappointments we have a special gift from God called HOPE.

What’s Beyond Hope is Lost Altogether

Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

When God told Abraham that his children will be like the stars in the sky, Abraham probably wasn’t able to understand it at first, let alone believe.

Just imagine a person who didn’t have a child and had lost all hope, God was planning to fulfill a desire in his life for which he had lost all hope.

In fact, God was giving him a plan way bigger than Abraham could ever imagine.

So, Abraham hoped anyway. And you know the story. God wants you to let go of delayed hope and look beyond. It’s Him - ready to show up.

When All Hope is Lost, What Else is There?

Habakkuk 3:17-19 is a great demonstration of hope in God.

The prophet paints a picture of misery – flock might be dead, there might be no food in the orchard and hill sides might be bare, but still I will exult in the Lord.

He expresses his hope in the Lord. And that’s what we are supposed to do.

And guess what?

MemLok is here to support you in recognizing the power of supernatural hope for all areas of your life. The verses we bring to you for studying and memorizing are a message of hope from the Living God.

MemLok Mobile or Paper is a beacon that empowers you in your journey so YOU CAN HOPE AGAINST HOPE.

Ready to make it happen?

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Sabita Saleem,
Contributing Author