When Do You Give Up Teaching Your Baby to Walk?

Baby crawling on grass with persistence that mirrors how a Christian should strive for success and not failure with scripture memory.

Have You Ever Had to Teach a Baby to Walk?

Imagine you have a baby (for those of you who are already parents, no imagining needed here), and it’s now 9 months old.

He or she is technically in the learning-to-walk phase.

Month after month goes by, and your baby still hasn't walked.

How long would you spend to teach your baby to walk before you gave up?

We both know the answer.You wouldn't quit.

You'd do everything possible until your child eventually learned to walk.

In many ways, it’s equivalent to being a Christian learning to walk with God and sharing His Word with others.

At first, you're not very good at it. You fall, but you get back up. You keep looking for the right tool, the right word, the right time to share with friends and family.

You'll keep falling down. But you keep getting back up.

Falling Down and Getting Up Again and Again

Fall down 7 times; stand up 8.

It's a Japanese proverb which highlights the importance and value of perseverance.

You keep trying and eventually you stand. And then walk on your own.

That’s exactly what MemLok stands for:

To help you memorize and retain the Word.

With God’s power, MemLok has been able to give you the tools to achieve success with scripture memory. Failure isn’t something we desire when it comes to retaining God’s word for your Christian walk. That’s why we support you in not giving up on studying and memorizing the Bible verses.

It’s our goal that you don’t quit but keep getting back up in your journey of memorizing God’s Word.

When you don't take advantage of these tools, MemLok does everything to encourage you to try them. Because we truly know if you took the time to really use our Bible Memory System, you'd be blown away by how powerful it is

“My 7 year old couldn't read and was tested "learning disabled with auditory memory deficit". He has learned a verse a week for 3 years and has never forgotten one. It gave him a visual clue to "hang-on" to. He can't wait to get his next picture! MemLok is perfect!” - Learning Disabled, L.L. Houston, TX

Our son at Moody, when complimented on his sermons, explained they came from 8 years of doing MemLok using the Meditation Sheet. It has all his applications to draw on for his sermons.” - Nan B. WI

Looking to Achieve Persistence In Memorizing Scripture?

Not giving up on memorizing Bible verses is our deepest desire whether you are a pastor, teacher, homeschooler, or an educational institution.

And to make it happen, we give you the tried and tested Bible Memory tool i.e. MemLok Mobile app. This is the only tool you need to achieve persistence in studying and retaining the scripture.

So, just to be clear, every time you get an email from MemLok, remember that the email is an invitation that you don’t fall but get up once again i.e. decide today to memorize the Word of God so it takes root in your heart with the MemLok Meditation System.

Are you ready to get up again?

All kidding aside memory loss is a real problem for some and Drake nailed it. I advise my retired clients to keep learning and growing. I am not sure what the facts are but people who read at least 20mins per day or use a learning program like MemLok will keep an overall healthy mindset. Wayne

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