To Heal Hearts – Go To Jesus

By Drake Mariani, Founder, MemLok Bible Memory System

To Heal - Go to Jesus

Heal When The Sun Is Setting

Healing is appropriate at all times. At the beginning, middle, end of our day our week our year or our life. If you're waiting on something - to get good enough, clean enough, straightened out enough, for other's to stop doing something to you, for pains to go away, for time, to just do it. STOP and come to Jesus NOW. Don't put it off. Will you come to Jesus?

Healing is For All

Everyone of us knows someone who needs the healing hands of Jesus. All of us can bring them to Jesus. By making time to pray. By speaking to them about Jesus's healing hands awaiting them. By telling them Jesus can heal. Hearts, bodies and souls. All of us are responsible. Who could you bring to Jesus? Who are you bringing to Jesus to be healed?

Heal The Sick

The sick need help to be healed. They can't seem to "get to Jesus" alone somehow. You are the one they know who knows how and where to find Jesus. You can go to them, lift them up and bring them to Jesus. With your words. And, use God's Words. With your touch. With your eyes. With your goods. Who do you know that is sick? Emotionally, physically, spiritually. Will you make time to help them come to Jesus to be Healed?

Heal By Touching

Jesus touched each one to heal them. Not casually. Intentionally. Wholeheartedly. Both hands. Nothing "Kinda" caring about this. This is full on identification with their grief, pain or doubts. He cares. No embarrassment with the touch. It's natural. It's healing. It's focused. It's thoughtful and loving. Way different than sitting across the coffee table and saying "I know, I really understand and I care." You've seen it. In a small group after a broken person shares, One gets up, goes over and touches them while praying. You realize this is the right thing to do. So you go too. Jesus led the way in this. He knows how we feel. Alone and hopeless. Who will be your next person that you lay your hands on? You can be the healing hands of Jesus to them.

Heal Each One Of Them

Healing is for everyone - No one got left out. No case to severe. No disease to repulsive. No fear of "getting" their disease. No class differences. Each one gets equal attention from Jesus. Rich, destitute. Perfumed, smelly. People weren't grouped into serious, less serious. When it was your turn, you knew you had all of Jesus. Who needs your attention? Are you shying away from those less attractive to you? Will you open your heart to everyone?He was healing them. The burden is His. Not yours. People brought folks to Jesus, not feeling they had to "be" or "do" things in a special way when they got them to Jesus. They just knew He was the healer. What keeps you from bringing people to Jesus? In a public way. Face to face with them. Would you be concerned there may not be healing? That they may reject your offering? Jesus is waiting. He knows what to say to every soul because He knows their heart. Don't try tor read minds and hearts. Just trust in Him. Bring healing to all you can!

 I "S.O.A.P." the verses. Write out the Scripture, Observe things in the verse, Apply what I observe, and Praying. One of the most encouraging things I've ever done spiritually. Keeps the focus off me, allows me to think more deeply about who God is and really has been faith building. I just wanted to say thank you!! KJB 

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