Satan's Lie About Grumbling

By Drake Mariani, Founder, MemLok Bible Memory System

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Satan's Lie About Grumbling

Some people see their glass as half full. Grumblers see their glass as half empty. 

Or put another way, a grumbler complains because a rose has thorns, while others are thankful the thorns have a rose.

Let's be honest...Are you a grumbler?

Have you ever complained in a surly manner? Muttered under your breath about someone else?

If you have, then you my friend, are a grumbler.

One of the things I tell people is this...

...when you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.

Grumblers are often referred to by psychologists as 'deficiency focused'. In other words, they see what's missing in every situation.

If you focus on what's present, you're likely to improve not only your outlook but your outcome.

The solution is simple. Change the way you think about things. And those things will indeed change.

Here's an assignment for you...

The first opportunity you have, I want you to pay it forward.

Take a few minutes to help someone you don't know without any expectation of a return. More importantly. do it with only love and without any judgment.

It's what Jesus would do. And it will make you feel better.

Satan's Lie: "Grumbling: I don't have time to help you! You're so weak!"

God's Reply: "We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves." - Romans 15:1 (NIV)

Today's motivation: "Do all things without grumbling. Why? You have a sovereign God who is on your side, who works everything together for your good." - John Piper

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